Saranac Lake’s Chamber Lays out Strategies

“The chamber is beginning to focus their efforts on member support services.”

Craig Stevens is the Chamber’s President and he’s joined by Chamber Board member Nicole Brownell. She owns Gauthiers Hotel here inSaranacLake. The two are visiting with the Town of Harrietstown Town Board…  Currently the Town of Harrietstown provides the Chamber with a budget of $18,000 towards their efforts and Craig touts the value of the Chamber’s marketing strategies. Brownell says their new website is reaching about 15,000 visitors on a monthly basis, which is up from 5,000 in August of 2011.

The Chamber’s new mission is written in a strategic plan which Stevens distributed to members of Town Board. “To provide services and representation for its membership and to generate economic development through promotional and marketing strategies.”

The two reiterated that it is important for everyone with a listing to make a trip to the website – and update their specific information and make sure that there is a detailed description of your business the chamber’s site so that when people search for services, they’ll be able see the appropriate businesses pop up at the top of the results..

Saranac Lake Chamber President Craig Stevens sits to the left of Chamber Board member Nicole Brownell. Airport Manager Corey Hurwich is seated just behind the two in the audience at the Town of Harrietstown Board Meeting

The search for an executive director continues.. Stevens says the board’s committee is working towards having applications cut off as of the end of September. They think they’ll have a job description in place, and the committee is working on how to get the word out and where to get the word out and he says “they’ll see what kinds of applications they receive”

The Chamber’s Strategic Proposal, Craig says, is a dynamic document things come and go but its giving the organization a footprint to work from..

The Strategic Plan for fiscal year June 2012 through May 2013;


Reduce dependency on financing to sustain operation. The goal is to have adequate resources to supplement Village and area initiatives which sustain and improve the quality of life in our area.


Maintain a solid growing membership that is engaged and willing to make referrals and provide testimonials.

Business / Events:

Assist existing businesses and event leaders with promotional support. Aid in Marketing locally and regionally.



Stay connected with various entities that have common goals and interests


Drawing tourists to our area requires the knowledge of an experienced marketing group


Establish work groups and committees to focus on these strategies


There is the need for staff to concentrate on membership services. We also need staff to concentrate on the broader relationships of political and corporate interaction as well as future strategic planning and development.

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