Statewide Lifetime Service Award goes to Dr Paul Reiss

Recent Adirondack Daily Enterprise Photo of Dr Paul Reiss

The New York State Wide Senior Action Council has awarded Dr. Paul Reiss of Lake Placid its first Community Service Award for a lifetime of service to the community, particularly for older persons and children.

StateWide’s Executive Director Maria Alvarez says  “Dr. Reiss was selected because of his exemplary way he leads his life in service to others,”  Dr. Reiss is the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Mercy Care for the Adirondacks, which assists older persons to remain living in the community. The StateWide award is designed to honor someone who remains active in his senior years as an advocate for older persons but who has spent his entire life working to educate, serve and uplift the people in every community he has lived.  In addition to his work with seniors, he has, through a family foundation, brought inner city youth to the Adirondacksfor many years for a summer experience.

Dr. Reiss, who grew up in the Adirondacks has also had a distinguished academic career as a professor at Marquette University,  Dean at Fordham University and President of St. Michael’s College in Vermont.  He was named Vermont citizen of the year in 1996.

TheNew York “StateWide Senior Action Council,” is a statewide advocacy organization for older New Yorkers, made the award to Dr. Reiss at the Holiday Inn inSaratoga Springs during its 40th anniversary convention.

Mercy Care for theAdirondacksis a mission sponsored by the Sisters of Mercy to extend mercy to elders in order to enhance the fullness of their lives.  Its work is carried out through a Friendship Volunteer Program, a Faith Community Nurse Program, and an Education and Advocacy Program.


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