WNBZ adds Facebook Feature to Beta News Website

WNBZ announces the introduction of automatic posting to the “Talk of the Town” Facebook Wall…  as a result of this testing, you may experience an increase in the number of posts on our facebook page – Generally, there are several per morning and a few additional posts and updates during the day..  Currently, this post will act as the official test post along with a notification that we have begun experimenting with automatic communication with our facebook pages..

The WNBZ news website remains in beta test mode as we continue to develop concepts and work to make progress on regular additions to the site. As we continue to move forward, we plan to invite contributors to the site and will look to the community to add comments and other blog style comments on activities and news happening in our region.

Thanks for your patience (mostly on the facebook side – you may receive a few too many posts while we finalize the settings) as we design the interaction between our site and facebook. It’s just one more way we’re working to make your experience with WNBZ the best it can be.. (This is the second Edit – updated with update button)

Sunrise on Lake Flower in Late August 2012

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