A New Sign for Lake Placid’s Jewtraw Park


It’s time for new signs in Lake Placid. That’s the word from the Watershed Alliance and three residents attending Monday’s board meeting in the Beach House on Mirror Lake to discuss their interest in building informational kiosks.  Bill Billerman is with the Mirror Lake Watershed Association

Billerman makes a presentation to the board with help from Madeline Killeen who represents The Mill Pond Neighborhood Association. Their proposal includes placement of brochures in the kiosk and placement of additional materials behind a plexiglass door. They’ve proposed to pay for the design and construction with help from the Village.

Georgia Jones is with the Lake Placid Shore Owners Association. She says Henry’s Woods is a perfect example of how signs and kiosks can stand up to nature, and tourists.

The kiosk project was originally approved by the Village Board two years ago, and now the Kiosk plans will begin to move forward with the anticipated approval by the Mayor of a simple agreement relating to the kiosk’s maintenance and it’s ownership by the village pending completion. 

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