Doheney Concedes / Owens Takes the Victory

Democratic Incumbent Bill Owens wins 21st Congressional Race

Republican Chris Gibson wins the 19th Congressional district race to our south with 53% of the votes to 47% over his Democtratic Oponenet Julian Schreibmen. And in the 20th the incumbent Democrat Paul Tonko wins with 68% of the vote. His opponent Republican Bob Dieterich could only garner 32% there.. The two races to our south weren’t as close of a race as the 21st congressional district across the North Country and closer to home, Representative Bill Owens squeaked by in a very close contest which wasn’t called until well after midnight on Wednesday (This morning) Morning… Republican Congressional Challenger Matt Doheney waited until the last moments before conceding the victory to Owens. It was a very close race.. in fact, Owens takes the win with a slight 2% margin.. Just 50% of the vote goes to Ownes and 48% for Doheney. With 598 of the 609 precincts reporting, our CBS news tally has Mr. Owens leding by a margin of just over fifty five hundred votes out of the 222,300 votes reported so far in the district…  Owens with 50% of the vote at 113,921 and Challenger Matt Doheney the Republican with 108,378….  Locally in the Town of Harrietstown, the votes were heavily favored towards Congressman Owens where he received close to 67% of the votes and almost exactly double that of Doheney in the Precinct.


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