Hypnotist to perform at NCCC Saranac Lake Wednesday

Brad Clark, a hypnotist, will be holding performances and seminars this month at North Country Community College’s three campuses.

Clark uses hypnotism to entertain and to motivate. His shows blend comedy with motivational messages he describes as “believe and achieve.”

“If you can conceive it in your mind and believe it in your heart you will achieve it in your life”,Clarksaid.  “The mind and the body don’t know the difference between imagination and reality; therefore if you can imagine it, then the body will start to respond to achieve it.”

Clarkconducts seminars, using hypnosis, on changing personal behaviors, helping people to lose weight, quit smoking and achieve other goals.

He also uses hypnosis in comedy shows to make people laugh, hypnotizing audience volunteers and guiding them to entertaining experiences.

“I help thousands of people open up their imagination and visualize the things that they want to achieve and experience.”

The program is free and open to the public.

Call 585-4454 extension 2203 for more information on the events.

Clarkwill perform at the following locations.


NCCC – Malone- Mezzanine

Tuesday, November 13

Time: 12:15


NCCC – Saranac Lake – S-19

Wednesday, November 14

Time: 7pm


NCCC – Ticonderoga – Student Lounge

Thursday, November 15

Time:  12:15 & again 5:30

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