K&J – Lake Placid’s District Comprehensive Improvement Plan

The Lake Placid School Board Approves a new Middle High School and Elementary District Comprehensive Improvement Plan for District and School Leadership, Curriculum Development and Support, Student Social and Emotional Development, and Family and Community Engagement.

The Lake Placid School District recently found itself on a state accountability list. According to Dr Richards it used to be that schools could be placed on a “School in Need of Improvement” Status. That’s changed now, however, Richards Says, because of the Federal No Child Left Behind requirements. And one of those changes included the need for the state to design a new accountability system for school districts across the state..

K&J – 112812 – LPCS District Comprehensive Improvement Plan

The Designation of “Focus School” presents a Silver Lining for the Administration because it not only provides three years of funding for this comprehensive planning but also allows the district to put together a team driven approach to this comprehensive plan.. One piece of the plan is clearly outreach to the families of children and the community.  The Elementary School team includes it’s Principal Javier Perez, who is also the Director of Special Education in the District, Melinda Frazer, the Elementary School Psychologist, and Laura Coffin, a reading specialist.  These three were speaking on the District Comprehensive Improvement Plan from a table in the Middle High School Auditorium which, while large enough to seat most of the students in the school at once, along with a large balcony to seat additional guests, is also quite intimate given the appropriate setting and this was one of those times with teachers and administrative staff along with school board members on hand, but seated mostly to the left and close to the panel’s table for the presentation.

Others on the team who were not part of the presentation itself included Kathy Hannon, and Rosanne Hickey on the Elementary side and for the Middle/High School Plan, Interim Middle School Principal Rick Retrosi, Lynn Gosling, Robyn Poulsen and Margie Gallagher. The Panel also mentions School Board President Mary Deitrich who has also taken an active role in the development of projects like this one. We asked Mary to give us her thoughts on becoming a Focus School..

The District’s new Comprehensive Improvement Plan is one of the outcomes of the State’s new scoring program and provides a backbone for the district to focus on many of the things they’re already doing while also building data to help them identify priorities for improvement..

The plan itself provides six tenants, The first is District Leadership, Second, School Leadership Practices and Decisions, Third Curriculum Development and Support, Fourth, Teacher Practices and Decisions, five, Student Social and Emotional Development, and Six Family and Community Engagement.

One thing that becomes clear during this presentation is thatLake Placidis taking advantage of the opportunity to focus on development and interaction. On the other hand, the state is clearly struggling with an approach to help schools focus their efforts which requires specific research and subsequently a teacher focus on testing and scoring.

The plan will be undertaken over the next several months and one key piece of the improvement will be self evaluation and in a few months, Parents will receive a survey which will ask questions to help score progress and identify new opportunities for improvement or special focus.

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