K&J – Reviewing the Pros and Cons of Re-Opening the DOT’s Rail Corridor Unit Management Plan

Today’s K&J Show explores the differing opinions relating to whether or not the Rail Corridor’s Unit Management Plan should be re-opened. The Tupper Lake Village Board hears from Kris Kenniston at a recent meeting. Kris is in favor of removing the rails and replacing them with a recreational trail.  He’s at the meeting with Hope Frenette who Joins Kenniston at the head of the room and she says we need to look at community assets and how the development of community assets helps the town grow from a real estate perspective and from what other corporations and companies are looking for, and what telecommuters are looking for.

K&J – 112312 – DOT UMP positions

Frenette says if you have a recreation trail and you connect it to the museum, uptown, downtown, and people can go all the way around on their bikes, or walking or pushing the strollers instead of walking around the four mile square in the dark, you’re going to make this community more desirable for people to want to move here and to want to stay here.

Recent Village Trustee candidate Ron LaScalla says there may be a good reason to open the UMP – if for no other reason than to bring all of the decision makers to the table. Beverly Lamere starts the conversation in favor of keeping the rails.  The Town of Harrietstown recently approved a resolution asking the DOT to re-open the Unit Management Plan but at that meeting there was some opposition. Mayor Paul Maroun Said at a recent meeting that he thinks it doesn’t have to be one or the other and he says, the state seems to be able to find money for a lot of different things. There are options which would allow for both a Railroad and a recreational trail in the corridor.


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