Nonna Fina Donating 100% of Sales to Hurricane Relief Today

Eat Lunch or Dinner at Nonna Fina in Saranac Lake today and 100% of your check goes to victims of Hurricane

Your Dining Out Dollars will go a lot further today, if you eat at Nonna Fina inSaranacLake. That’s because Jacob Stanbro is spearheading a campaign to raise money for clothing and emergency relief inNew York Cityand theJerseyShore.  Stanbro and his partner and Chef Joe Thompson Owns “The Adirondack Restaurant Group” which took over Nonna Fina from Paulo Magro in February..  Since then, the restaurant has continued to find ways to get involved and take the lead on community efforts like this one…

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(Jacob says: “If you come in for lunch, and you have a chicken Panini and your guest has a hamburger and that comes to $25. The $25 you spent is going directly to Hurricane Sandy Relief Efforts, so we’re donating the food and they day’s business)

Stanbro says he’s spent the past few days working with other local businesses to help make this a successful fundraising effort..  He also tells WNBZ he prefers the fundraising and looked to Saranac Lake Village Trustee Barb Rice to help with identifying those most in need inNew York City..

(Jacob says: “We’ve partnered with Barb to leverage those connections and she is helping to find drop off points. Storm Tech from Western Canada has agreed to sell them $200 jackets for $17 a piece and those jackets are going to a location inNew York City.)

The Balance of the funds will be re-directed to the American Red Cross and specifically earmarked for New York City Victims. His Business, Nonna Fina, will be donating 100% of their sales to the effort. Stanbro says his campaign started out as Nonna Fina wanting to send a care package down toNew York City, and turned into a community-wide effort..

(Jacob Says: He spent three days fundraising up and down main street on Saturday and Sunday and then again on Monday. In those three days they raised $5,000 for the effort. And On Election Day he spent the day soliciting donations outside of Rice Furniture and they raised another $3,500.00. In the past few days, they’ve received another $1,200.)

The Total as of Thursday Afternoon Nine Thousand Seven Hundred Dollars Raised. And Today.. Stanbro is inviting everyone to come to Nonna Fina for Lunch or Dinner and the Restaurant will be donating 100% of their sales. Not just profit, Not 5% or 10% but every dime of their sales to the effort.  So if you’ve been thinking about donating to Victims of Hurricane Sandy..  Today would be a good day to eat out at Nonna Fina because every dime you spend there for Lunch or Dinner is being donated to the effort.  Jacob says they’re going to donate 100% of the entire day’s sales to the Relief Effort. Nonna Fina will be open at 11am for lunch and remain open, donating the entire day’s business until 10pm.

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