Police Seek Suspect in Pine Street Bridge Shooting

Saranac Lake Police are investigating a report of a robbery.  At approximately 6:45 PM Tuesday, 11/20/2012, a person called 911 to report being shot.  Police located the victim, 55 YOA, was located on the train trestle near Pine St in the Village of Saranac Lake.  The victim reported to police he was walking in an Easterly direction on the left side of the tracks, when he encountered to men on the trestle.  They were on the opposite side of the tracks. A conversation ensued for a few minutes before one of the suspects pulled, what was described as a long gun, demanding the victim give them what he had.  The victim reported he pushed the gun away and as he did, he was shot in the left shoulder area.  Gun used was possibly a .22 caliber rifle.  After he was shot one of the suspects removed money from the victim’s pocket.

The two suspects as described by the victim;

Both white males, approximately 25-35 years of age. Wearing dark in color thin parka type jackets.  Both around 5’8″, stocky build.  One clean shaven with shaggy hair, the other had a fairly thick full beard. No further description available at this time.

A potential witness may have seen the victim in the area of Pine St shortly before the incident.  The victim described the witness as a high school age white male walking with a skateboard.  We are asking anyone that was in the area between 6:15 PM and 7:00 PM to contact the Saranac Lake Police Department.

As of this time, the information developed, indicates the suspects knew the victim.  This does not appear to be a random occurrence.  There is no evidence indicating a concern for the safety of the general public.

Saranac Lake Police are asking anyone that may have been in the area of the train trestle, to include streets nearby; Pine St. Bloomingdale Ave, Main St, Church St, or Forest Hill Ave around 6:15 PM to 7:00 PM to contact the Saranac Lake Police Department 518-891-4422.

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