Registering Your Snowmobiles Online – “Join The Club”

Renewing a snowmobile registration just got easier! New York State Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) Commissioner Barbara Fiala says riders can now renew their snowmobile registrations online.  The Commissioner says Online renewal allows riders to renew registrations directly through the DMV Web site, saving a trip to a DMV office or the need to process the registration by mail.

Funds from the snowmobile fund help the DEC build new trails and bridges,” DEC Commissioner Joe Martens says “The fund also provides support to clubs and municipalities that maintain and groom the trails to help create a safe and enjoyable riding experience on DEC-managed lands.”

Tupper Lake’s Snowmobile club for example has been mapping their trails and may receive a stipend next winter to provide grooming and maintenance..

Dominic Jack Angelo is Executive Director of the New York State Snowmobilers Association, he says  “be sure to join your snowmobile club before you do so. It will save you money and time and will help to improve the local trail systems”

There is no additional charge for renewing online or for the temporary document.

Excerpt of NYSSA Snowmobile interactive Trail Map

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