Reporters “Supervise” the Debate

The two candidates hoping to become the Supervisor in the Town of Harrietstown are again planning to sit down together for an informal debate today. The First Debate cancelled following the suspension of the Catillaz Campaign and the Second Debate Marred by fears of Hurricane SANDY. And while a third attempt at a public debate was not going to be feasible, Harrietstown Councilman Bob Bevilacqua Village Trustee Tom Catillaz will be sitting down this afternoon with reporters to discuss their points of view.  and each is hoping to highlight their strengths on the issues facing the town, and as a preview of that event, we’ve asked each to give us their thoughts on a range of topics for comparison.

AUDIO – Harrietstown Supervisor Candidate Comparison

We asked Both Tom Catillaz and Bob Bevilacqua the same question regarding asking the DOT to re-open discussions regarding the state’s Unit Management Plan for the Rail Corridor between Lake Placid and Old Forge.

We spoke with Mr Catillaz on our deck outside of the WNBZ studios, and later in the day with Bob Bevilacqua at his shop in Saranac Lake. One of the topics which he’s brought up in a press release is the question of whether or not towns and villages should provide health insurance to board members. In this report we speak with the two candidates about their positions on this issue.

One of the issues that was brought up at the Town’s budget hearing was the question of income vs. expenses at the Adirondack Regional Airport, In the 2013 Budget, it’s expected the Town of Harrietstown will have to contribute approximately three hundred thousand dollars to the operation of the airport, one of the largest expenses in the Town’s budget. Some suggested in the audience that the board should garner more of that expense from the county and other municipalities. Both agree there should be more participation from other legislative bodies who benefit from the service. We hear their comments in the report.

And finally, leading up to their informal question and answer session we asked each candidate to help us understand what they might like voters to know heading into the final week of the campaign.  Click the link to listen to the candidates comment on these and other issues affecting their campaign for Harrietstown Supervisor.

AUDIO – Harrietstown Supervisor Candidate Comparison

Tom Catillaz with the last word today in our question and answer session with each candidate, a preview of their informal debate and joint interview with reporters as election day approaches. Harrietstown Councilman Bob Bevilacqua and Village Trustee Tom Catillaz, Both hoping to occupy the vacant Supervisor seat in the Town of Harrietstown.

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