Ski & Snowboard Screening at LPCA

Warren Miller’s FLOW STATE to be screened at LPCA
Ski & Snowboard Addicts Take Note!
Co-presented by LPCA, The Cottage and Whiteface; sponsored by NYSEF, Placid Planet, and Mountain Khakis

The Lake Placid Center for the Arts presents their Annual Ski Season Film Event – Warren Miller’s FLOW STATE on Saturday, November 17. Doors open at 6:30pm, give-aways begin at 7:30pm followed by the film Warren Miller’s Flow State is coming to kickoff the winter sports season for the 63rd time, connecting audiences with inspiring mountains and sensational athletes from around the globe. You won’t see ski or snowboard action of this magnitude anywhere else. Flow State…where the mountain meets the mind! Locally co-presented by LPCA, The Cottage and Whiteface; sponsored by NYSEF, Placid Planet and Mountain Khakis; with reps from the following businesses on hand showing off their latest gear (& samples!): Cunningham’s, High Peaks Cyclery & Mountain Adventure Center, and Maui North.  Tickets are $18 general admission or $16 for LPCA Members. For reservations call 523-2512.

This fall, immerse yourself in the Flow State with Warren Miller Entertainment and experience the ultimate winter from a lens of absolute clarity. Warren Miller’s Flow State is a place of such singular focus and connection with the environment that, in this place, the faster you ride, the slower time passes. The Flow State exists anywhere crisp winter air shocks your lungs and sunlight refracts off snowflakes, allowing you to emerge from this state improved – happier, more confident and more aware of your surroundings. So buckle up, because Warren Miller’s 63rd annual ski and snowboard film will take you into the zone…the moment…the groove…the center…the Flow State.  

Warren Miller’s Flow State guides viewers to the top of the world’s most striking peaks, taking you on an exhilarating journey across the globe to Norway, Austria, California, Switzerland and beyond. The powder in Japan will send you scrambling to tune-up your gear, the gravity in Telluride will have you scheduling an avalanche refresher course, and the steeps in Alaska will drive you to push a little harder during your next preseason workout. Winter is right around the corner, and it is time to enter the Flow State…where the mountain meets the mind.

Hosted by Jonny Moseley and showcasing celebrated athletes including Colby West, Chris Davenport, Jess McMillan and David Wise, Flow State throws down some of the most captivating footage ever shot by Warren Miller Entertainment. Olympic gold medalist Ted Ligety takes on Alaska’s mighty Chugach, Julian Carr bombs down Utah’s famed Wasatch, Jackie Paaso explores the Norwegian Arctic and Chris Anthony makes Warren Miller history on 70-year-old, 10th Mountain Division ski equipment. Roll-call winter’s finest athletes, because they are all here – embodying the essence of the Flow State and tackling the mountain with absolute attention and deep confidence.

Once again, Warren Miller raises the bar with Flow State, offering filmgoers a magnitude of ski and snowboard action that can’t be matched anywhere else. When asked about the film, director Max Bervy said, “The Flow State is a place where the impossible becomes possible – where time slows down and a perfect moment becomes attainable. This film reveals what it is like to be completely immersed in the present…completely immersed in the snow, in the mountains, and in the enjoyment of winter.” 

• Chugach Powder Guides, Alaska

Athletes: Ted Ligety, Marcus Caston, Phil Meier
Equipment: Skis, Helicopter
Olympic Gold Medalist Ted Ligety and racer-turned-freeskier Marcus Caston will tell you that bigmountain
skiing isn’t as easy as it looks. Not even close. They’ll also tell you that Alaska’s Chugach
Range shows no mercy. Accustomed to the confines of racing gates and on-piste runs, Ted and
Marcus take the lead from Swiss freeskier Phil Meier and learn how to approach the backcountry as
they’re set loose in 1,663,267 square miles of pure Alaskan wilderness. The Chugach Range averages
600 inches of snowfall per year that covers countless powder walls, averaging 3,000–4,000 feet in
vertical expanse. After a handful of ragdoll wipeouts and stomach-churning crashes, Ligety and
Caston learn two valuable lessons: One, Alaskan heli-skiing is not for the meek; and two, conquering
your fear is the greatest reward of all. “It’s a much bigger mystery going down all these lines than it is
in a race,” explains Ligety. “That’s been a tough kind of fear for me to conquer.”

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• Niseko, Japan
Athletes: Tyler Ceccanti, Roman Rohrmoser, Tatsuya Tayagaki
Equipment: Skis
Miles away from Tokyo’s bright lights and high-tech populace lays Japan’s finest mountain
destination, Niseko. While most of the globe was in a serious drought last winter, Niseko was
constantly shoveling. At least that’s how Tyler Ceccanti, Roman Rohrmoser and Tatsuya Tayagaki
make it seem. Although they come from different cultures and different sides of the globe, a deep love
for powder snow unites these skiing superstars. Niseko has become a destination for Western skiers—
as snow-covered trees, avalanche barriers and fluffy pillow lines transform the landscape into a skier’s
playground. This area consistently receives so much snow that locals actually “guarantee” powder to
winter visitors. So far, they’ve delivered. Only one year after a devastating tsunami struck Japan’s east
coast, the nation is holding its head high. “I think the love for Japanese culture and deep powder snow
is stronger than any disaster,” shares Tatsuya Tayagaki. Tour Tayagaki’s home turf as he shows Tyler
and Roman why Japan is the best spot for sushi, sake and stoke.

• San Juans, Colorado

Athletes: Jess McMillan, Daron Rahlves, Josh Bibby, Chris Davenport, Regan Smith
Equipment: Skis, Helicopter, NASCAR Vehicle
If you got a last-minute invite to go on a free heli-trip, what lengths would you take to ensure that you
made it before takeoff? Jess McMillan would speed on snow-covered roads to the heli-hanger in
Regan Smith’s race car. Don’t worry…it’s equipped with studded snow tires. Jess makes it to
Telluride just in time for takeoff, where she is welcomed by big-mountain legend Chris Davenport,
ski-racing icon Daron Rahlves and Canadian big-mountain skier Josh Bibby. Watch as this team of
backcountry experts takes on Telluride and lays tracks all across the San Juans. This area is home to
14 peaks that reach over 14,000 feet, and last season’s wild weather made it a target for avalanche
danger. While these pros make navigating this terrain look like a breeze, they carefully calculate each
turn and assess the risks before every descent. “I think one of the things that’s most attractive for me
about the sport of skiing is the mental focus that you need when you’re out in the mountains,” says
Davenport. “It’s such a dangerous environment.”
• Northstar, California
Athletes: Toby Miller, Aspen Spora, Billy Mann, David Wise, Eero Ettala, Elena Hight, Austin
Equipment: Skis, Snowboards
When there’s this much snow, homework can wait. Eleven-year-olds Aspen Spora and Toby Miller
don’t build snowmen or play video games during the winter; they huck cliffs and throw big air in the
park. And if they can figure out how to skip school on a powder day, you’ll spot them playing in the
trees at Northstar in Tahoe, California—just look for two kids in XXL jackets, riding the tallest
snowdrifts in sight. While Aspen proves he can hold his own in the powder, the park is where he
really shines. Even with an obvious height disadvantage, he gives David Wise a run for his money
when they hit the Superpipe. After only a few minutes of watching Aspen land tricks in the park, it’s
easy to see how much he loves the sport. “I would have no life without skiing,” he admits. “My life
would be school, ping-pong and eating.” It’s a good thing he put on a pair of skis at such a young age
because we agree: “Skiing is much better than school.”
• Kings & Corn, Alaska
Athletes: Tommy Moe, Daron Rahlves, Marco Sullivan
Equipment: Skis, Helicopter, Fishing Boat, Floatplane, Fishing Poles
After retiring from World Cup downhill racing, Tommy Moe wasn’t ready to turn in his boots, so he
headed to Alaska to spend his days carving and casting. Carving and casting? Yep—that’s right.
Chugach Powder Guides offers a summer action-adventure experience that combines King Salmon
fishing, corn-snow heli-skiing and whitewater rafting in the heart of the Tordrillo Mountains. From
the looks of it, Moe is pretty content in his summer home: “We’ve been pioneering the range for 15
years, and there’s still another lifetime of ski runs to enjoy.” With a floatplane, helicopter and slew of
fishing boats, Tommy takes World Cup Champions Daron Rahlves and Marco Sullivan to the top of
Tordillo’s volcanic peaks and ancient glaciers, terrain that is accessible only by helicopter. After years
of grueling training and continuous practice, they’re champing at the bit to ski Alaska’s untracked
peaks and troll its pristine rivers. “There’s some runs I wish would never end,” says Rahlves. “You go
down the mountain, and life escapes you as you’re in the moment looking ahead.” Join these racersturned-
freeskiers as they escape the lower-48 to carve endless acres of fresh Alaskan corn and catch
some big fish.

• Flow Riders
Athletes: Frederik Kalbermatten, Tim Humphreys, Chas Guldemond, Gulli Gudmundsson,
Victor De Le Rue
Equipment: Snowboards
Leave it to these snowboarders to catch the biggest air. This medley of boarding antics showcases
over-the-top jumps, unthinkable jibs and endless pow shots. Adrenaline-pumping footage of the
world’s top snowboarding talent will take over the screen. Watch as these famed riders charge down
powder spines and crush it in the urban scene.
• 10th Mountain Division, Colorado
Athletes: Chris Anthony, Scott Kennett, Tony Seibert, Various 10th Mountain Division
Equipment: Skis, Authentic 10th Mountain Division Military Equipment
“Sometimes to learn about the present you have to step back to the past.” Go back in time with
Warren Miller legend Chris Anthony as he explores the roots of American ski culture and celebrates
our country’s renowned 10th Mountain Division. You will find yourself entranced as veterans from the
famed 10th Mountain Division explain what it was like be a part of the United States’ first mountain
infantry. These “original ski bums,” as Scott Kennett describes them, pioneered the way for today’s
ski culture. Relocated to Camp Hale near Vail, Colorado, only five months before Pearl Harbor, the
10th Mountain Division learned how to fight, travel by ski and survive in negative 30-degree
temperatures. The 10th was later deployed to fight in Italy, where they fought heroically and overtook
the famed Riva Ridge. Watch vintage footage of the veterans attempting to navigate The Rockies’
unforgiving terrain with 7-foot hickory skis and 90-pound packs. And have a laugh as Anthony,
Seibert and Kennett take an unsuccessful stab at skiing on this now antique equipment. Most of these
men will admit that serving in the 10th, high in the mountains, was miserable at times. But, they’ll also
admit that the skiing was the best part of their unique experience. After serving in the 10th and
developing a deep passion for skiing, many of these veterans moved on to shape innovation in ski
technology and resort development across the United States. It’s been 71 years since the creation of
the 10th, but their common love of the mountains “has held [them] together for a lifetime,” shares 10th
veteran Earl Clark.

• Cordova, Alaska
Athletes: Travis Ganong, Mitch Tölderer, Kevin Quinn, Jessica Quinn
Equipment: Skis, Helicopter
At 60.5 degrees North and 145.7 degrees West, Cordova, Alaska, isn’t a stop along a journey—it’s a
destination. The perfect destination, in fact, for heli-skiing. As the Pacific coastline collides with the
mighty Chugach Mountains, a landscape of seemingly endless peaks and valleys beckon big-mountain
junkies from across the globe. Seizing the opportunity to turn a life’s passion into a career, ultimate
ski bums Kevin and Jessica Quinn moved to Alaska and opened Points North Heli-Adventures, Inc.
Without a doubt, Kevin and Jessica have the best job in Cordova—navigating helicopters through the
Chugach, spotting lines and delivering skiers to their destination. Shredding with Points North is so
enticing that the Quinns have World Cup racer Travis Ganong washing dishes just to earn a few
powder turns. But with all the skiing Travis wants to do, he’s going to need a bigger sink.

• Mürren, Switzerland
Athletes: Hugo Harrisson, Sascha Schmid
Equipment: Skis, Funitel, Cable Car
At first glance, Mürren, Switzerland, looks surreal. Perched on the side of a cliff and only accessible
by cable car or train, Mürren is a “classic European ski town,” as big-mountain skier Hugo Harrisson
describes it. With snow-covered chalets and panoramic views of Breithorn Mountain, it’s no surprise
that the first FIS Alpine World Championships were held here in 1931. The absence of cars
guarantees that the only traffic jam you’ll face is too many skiers racing to the gondola. “It’s like a
skier’s island,” says local sensation Sascha Schmid. After exploring the village on skis, climb another
7,000 feet to the summit of the Eiger and watch Hugo and Sascha lay fresh tracks between jagged
chutes. Things may seem harsh on the Eiger—all snow and exposed rock—but to these powder-thirsty
skiers, it’s paradise. “It gives a lot of options for base jumpers, speed flyers, climbers, mountaineers,
freeskiers—it’s the top of Europe,” says Hugo. After conquering the summit, they dip into the clouds
for a game of follow-the-leader through the forest, weaving between powder fields and trees in
scenery that’s nothing short of a skier’s dreamland.
• Canyons Resort, Utah
Athletes: Blake Nyman, Keely Kelleher, Julian Carr, Kaylin Richardson, Cooper Hoffmeister,
Branden Doyon
Equipment: Skis, Helicopter
With 12,000-foot peaks, plenty of lift-access backcountry and ample amounts of “the greatest snow on
earth,” Canyons Resort has perfected the recipe for a legendary Utah skiing experience. After
jamming to live music at the resort base, pro skiers Blake Nyman, Keely Kelleher, Julian Carr and
Kaylin Richardson hop on the lift to explore the rest of the Canyons’ 4,000 skiable acres. Watch as
they dart through trees and over cliffs in an attempt to bury themselves neck-deep in some of the
country’s softest snow. Follow the crew as they ski beyond the boundary rope and show off their
favorite spots in the Wasatch Mountains. Countless laps through powder fields and steep chutes leave
these big-mountain skiers wanting more. As Keely describes, “[Snow] accelerates everyone’s mood.
You can feel that energy rip down the coolest mountains in the world.” Try to keep up with these
athletes as they carve endless lines across the Wasatch, reaffirming their love for skiing.
• Retro Freestyle Skiing, Squaw Valley
Athletes: Jonny Moseley, Bob Howard, Thom Brisson
Equipment: Short Skis
Is it really true that today’s freeskiing stems from ski ballet? That’s at least what Bob Howard claims.
Flashback with Moseley as he digs up his neon one-piece and takes us back in time for a little ski
ballet. Back when ski ballet was a legitimate sport, it gave skiers the chance to gain mad street-cred.
“We got points for good hair, cool clothes, pyrotechnical things,” says freestyle legend Bob Howard.
You’re probably laughing, but these skiers take their pliés and pirouettes very seriously as they hotdog
through the Lake Tahoe area.

• How You Like Me Now?
Athletes: Clayton Vila, Dane Tudor, Josh Stack, Alex Schlopy, Cam Riley, Leigh Powis, Sean
Pettit, Riley Leboe, Sean Jordan, Mike Henitiuk, Andreas Håtveit, Paddy Graham,
Banks Gilberti, Pep Fujas, Karl Fostvedt, Joss Christensen, Bobby Brown,
Charley Ager
Equipment: Skis, Winches
No terrain is off-limits and no slope is out-of-bounds for the outrageous freeskiers showcased in this
progressive freestyle montage. Watch as the world’s top skiers attack urban transitions, towering cliffs
and gnarly rails—reinventing the sport of freeskiing. Whether they’re in the park or the parking lot,
these guys never stop charging.
• Colby West’s Austria
Athlete: Colby James West
Equipment: Skis
Join X Games Champion Colby James West as he travels to the foot of Europe’s Kitzsteinhorn
Glacier to introduce the art of freeskiing to the Austrian village of Kaprun…or so he thinks. Colby
gears up in a tall-tee and his park skis, hoping to share the gospel of mute grabs and rail slides with
this isolated population. Little does he know, he’s preaching to the choir.
• Svalbard, Norway
Athletes: Jackie Paaso, Aurélien Ducroz, Doug Stoup
Equipment: Skis, Sailboat, Touring Gear
North of the Arctic Circle lies a vast landscape of glaciers, icy water and untouched snow. Enter
Svalbard, Europe’s northernmost archipelago, where bears roam the coastline searching for their next
meal and walrus lounge sluggishly on pristine ice shelves. To the average person, this frozen tundra
doesn’t offer much—no shelter, no hot meals and no first-world conveniences. But, to adventure
skiers Jackie Paaso and Aurélien Ducroz, it holds some of the most unique terrain on earth. Instead of
a snowmobile or helicopter, Jackie and Aurélien board a 62-foot sailboat to explore the Norwegian
Arctic, in search of Svalbard’s steepest lines. Unobstructed by buildings or ski-patrol ropes, these
metallic mountains offer an unmatched freedom. Once on shore, they summit crystal glaciers and
cover their hiking tracks with perfect lines. “Both the journey up the mountain and down the mountain
really make a great experience,” says Jackie. “Everything feels a lot better on the way down when
you’ve really earned those turns.”

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