Tupper Lake Trustee Speaks Out on Regional Tourism Marketing in the Tri-Lakes

The Village of Tupper Lake should be part of a regional marketing and tourism initiative. That’s the word from Village Trustee Rick Donah. He’s responding to Jessica Collier’s Article yesterday in the Adirondack Daily Enterprise describing a visit from Saranac Lake’s Chamber of Commerce President Craig Stevens, Saranac Lake Village Trustee Paul Van Cott, and Harrietstown Board Members  Ron Keough and Nicole Meyette, to Malone with a request from the Franklin County Board for $25,000. Collier writes in her article that the Village of Saranac Lake and the Town of Harrietstown have already pledged $20,000 and another $20,000 is expected from a group of private contributors..

AUDIO – Tupper Lake on Regional Marketing Funding

Donah responds on behalf of the Village of Tupper Lake saying it’s all well and good that they want to expand their tourism marketing but he says we need to make it clear that there is tourism in Tupper Lake and there is a need for funds for tourism in Tupper Lake and the funds they’re asking for would be coming directly out of the general fund in Franklin County.

Last Year, Donah, says, Tupper Lake was faced with a scenario of trying to fund an events coordinator position and they didn’t go to the county to look for funds, they went between the Town and the Village and came up with the money for that.

Donah says – If there’s going to be truly a regional marketing effort in the tri-lakes, any dollars spent should be split evenly between the communities

Tupper Lake’s Mayor Paul Maroun is also a Franklin County Legislator. He added to Donah’s comments by saying he echoed Donah’s feelings at the Franklin County Meeting and he continued by saying he thought allowing the Regional Office of Sustainable Tourism in Lake Placid to take over for Saranac Lake’s Chamber of Commerce could be counter productive.

 Maroun says he thought this would be very dangerous because Tupper Lake was being left out. The County Didn’t allocate any money as of yet, it’s under discussion

Donah says he’s aware of conversations between chambers of commerce in Franklin County. And he understands that Saranac Lake’s Chamber has to do what it has to do.. But..  “ROOST is a very well run organization and Saranac Lake and Lake Placid benefit from that, and marketing in the Olympic Region is some of the best in the country, but Tupper Lake is part of that area. And anything from Franklin County should be directed evenly to communities in Franklin County”

And as for bed taxes for marketing in Franklin County.. According to Maroun, the odds are long that Franklin County could see any new bed tax revenue being approved by the state of New York.

 Paul says the Governor in years past has not signed a single tax increase including bed taxes or sales taxes and either way,FranklinCountystill has some basic issues to work out before the request for a bed tax goes to state legislators.


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