WNBZ’s Tips for Slow Drivers – GET OUT OF THE WAY!

No doubt most of us will be traveling somewhere for Thanksgiving. And Safety is a big part of any holiday weekend, especially this one.. So we’ve prepared a few tips from different sources to lend a hand with driving to and from your destination..

Here’s step number one…  get gas today and make sure you’re full to the brim because you don’t want to run out on Thanksgiving day. And when was the last time you checked the tire pressures in your tires. Here’s another no brainer – Slow Down – the Turkey’s not going to run away, unless you haven’t caught it yet, in which case there’s not much time left unless they’re penned in the back yard or something..

AUDIO – Thanksgiving Tips

anyhow, for most of us, the Turkey’s not going anywhere except into the oven and that means you don’t have to break the sound barrier to get where you’re going and besides, how long do you really want to spend with your favorite uncle who always notices something he doesn’t like about you anyhow..  Our favorite uncle might drive us to drink a little more than usual, however, and trust me, a little extra stress, and an extra glass of wine, or ten, probably don’t mix well with driving home, so make some plans before you get mad at uncle John and be safe on the way home too..

Now.. By all means, send your favorite Sister a text message that you’re on your way. And stew all you want on your way about whose going to cause the most problems but try to avoid that temptation send your bets via text, especially if you have one of those older phones that you have to stare at while you’re texting in order to make sure the right letters pop up.. That could be hazardous to your health – and isn’t that what your uncle’s for?  And besides, if you’re going to be on a long trip, you’re supposed to make frequent stops to rest anyhow, and now an excuse to pull over every few minutes – unfortunately if you have family in the car, that might turn you into the Uncle in this story however..  One of my favorites – if you like to drive slowly – like really slowly – and even slower at night – Do you really have to make fifteen cars behind you drive that slowly – talk about stress – and then they’ll all be texting and you’ll cause an accident anyway, so why not get out of the way.. where appropriate – just because you can’t see fit to go the speed limit doesn’t mean everyone else should have to slow down..  just pull over once and a while, please..

I’ve been reading this one list here on my desk and this is my favorite tip so far.. If car trouble develops, pull off the road as far as possible.. Duh.. Like that’s not going to happen.. Actually in my case, I did lose an engine in the middle of the road once – and the car literally stopped dead – no pushing this thing, so that’s an exception..

In the spirit of giving good advice, something, for example, that some of us might actually consider – Emergencies always pop up – and not so emergencies do too. Which leads us to the Flashlight, the first aid kit, a blanket – yes a blanket – jumper cables.. who knows maybe even an extra pair of gloves if you’re adventurous about an emergency bin in your trunk..

Flying out on Cape Air perhaps? One tip I found of value includes staying healthy..  Obviously right? But still, many of us wouldn’t think for example to get a flu shot before flying as opposed to after the holiday, and there’s nothing wrong with a little hand sanitizer, as long as it’s small enough to meet the FAA restrictions on liquids in flight.. If I recall correctly, it’s either that or you have to taste a sample..  and I bet hand sanitizer doesn’t taste all that great..

Anyhow – Have a good holiday..  More to come.. Drive Safe..

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