K&J – Craigwood Clubhouse Gets an Upgrade

There’s something about the Holidays and Golf that go together, so we thought we would take a few moments and visit the new clubhouse at Craigwood Golf Course in the Town of North Elba. If you’re not a golfer, and you’ve never been there to visit, you may want to re-consider.. if only for the beautiful view of Whiteface and the Adirondack Mountains..  It’s a Thursday afternoon, the temperature is a balmy 39 degrees and the sun is shining which will makes the tour all the more enjoyable. When I arrived there were five gentlemen waiting to give me the tour.

K&J – 122412 – Cragwood Tour

North Elba Councilman Derek Doty has taken one of the lead roles in a project designed to enhance the overall accessibility of Craigwood to the Residents of the Town of North Elba. One of the stated objectives of the new facility is to attract more events to the clubhouse.. The Clubhouse has a newly designed entrance and it’s beginning to take shape in the construction. The elevator shaft is almost complete, the Deck appears larger and the building, designed with help from Morgan Stillwell who is a local designer, takes full advantage of it’s surroundings. As for when it will be completed? If only my house could be maintenance free… perhaps the next time I’ll call the town ofNorth Elba because they’ve seemed have come up with a plan to make this as efficient as possible.. When you think of a construction project like this one, some of the things you don’t notice are the efforts which have gone into the work by so many who are not only helping to keep the cost of the project down but also putting their own personal signature on the future of the facility..


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