Volunteers Needed – Pisgah to Old Lake Colby Road Trail

SARANAC LAKE, NY—Dec 27—Saranac Lake’s mayor and trustees are organizing volunteers to clear the Hoyt-Rabideau recreational trail from Mt. Pisgah to Old Lake Colby Road for this Sunday, December 30th, at noon, with volunteers meeting on Cedar Ridge Drive.

Village board members and volunteers will install permanent trail markers along the 7 tenths of a mile route and remove downed trees and branches from the path.

Mayor Clyde Rabideau will provide volunteers with chili and beer at his nearby house following the trail work session.

Said Rabideau, “It’s interesting to note that on Sunday we will be installing our first bi-lingual signs as each trail marker has the French word “Sentier” along with its English counterpart, “Trail.””

 Trustee Van Cott commented, “I love doing trail work.  Clyde and I helped out over at Dewey this Fall.  All of the volunteers working there and at Pisgah on the ski and mountain-biking trails are inspiring.  Every foot of trail adds to Saranac Lake as a great place to live and visit.”

The village hopes to eventually link Mt. Pisgah on the north side of the village with the Dewey Mountain Ski area on the western edge as well as other parts of the community utilizing trail easements granted by private and public landowners.

Trustee Barbara Rice is enthusiastic about the emerging trail network, saying, “The more trails and interconnections we have, the greater will be our tourism draw.”

The Hoyt-Rabideau trail will link to a system of new cross-country ski trails—designed by Local Olympic Champion Bill Demong—recently established upon the Mt. Pisgah grounds during the last year.

Anyone interested in joining the board members on Sunday may contact them by e-mail, mayor@saranaclakeny.gov or Facebook, Mayor Clyde Rabideau.

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