Audio – Headlines 01/08

Adirondack and Regional Environmental Groups are Calling on Governor Cuomo and The DEC to Support and Assist Creation of Mandatory Boat Inspection and Decontamination Program to Protect Lake George from further infestations of aquatic invasive species.


Neil Woodworth is Executive Director of the AdirondackMountain Club.. He says “One principle of Acquatic Invasive Species management is that prevention is a more successful long-term strategy than direct management.” And he continues by saying “It’s very difficult to eradicate an invasive species once established in a water body and It’s far cheaper to focus efforts on interdiction and prevention than direct management”

Locally, Mark Wilson is President of The Lake Placid Shore Owner’s Association. He says they’ve been working with Administrators at Lake Placid Middle High School to develop a management plan that includes students at the High School.

March 19th Elections in Lake Placid

The Village of Lake Placid will have at least one new trustee following elections on March 19th. That’s because Zay Curtis says he’s decided not to run again for Village Trustee. Lake Placid’s  Mayor Craig Randall appointed Election inspectors at Monday’s meeting. The inspectors, two of whom are republicans and two of whom are Democrats will be paid $100 each for their work in march..  The Bi Annual Village Elections will be held in the Town Hall on March 19th. And Polls will be open from Noon and 9pm. The Deadline for each party to submit nominating petitions in Lake Placid is the 14th of January. Independent candidates will have until February 12th when a full slate of candidates will be formalized heading into the March Elections.  Trustees Peter Frenette and Jason Leon will remain on the board as their terms will not be expiring. Zay Curtis will not be running again, but The Mayor, Craig Randall says he and Trustee Art Devlin will be circulating petitions as their terms will be expiring.

As for a new slate of candidates, Randall says they expect to make an announcement shortly as to who will be campaigning with he and Devlin, and he expected more announcements would be forthcoming..

Snow Removal

The Village of Saranac Lake’s Department of Public Works says they’re continuing work with began early Monday Morning to remove excess snow in high traffic areas both for vehicles and for pedestrians as well as on narrow streets.  The DPW says just a few more days of  not parking on the streets at night would be greatly appreciated – and specifically not parking on Broadway, Main Street, Church Street, or Bloomingdale Avenue through the overnight hours -

Lake Placid’s new Sweeper has proven to be an effective tool for the sidewalks around MirrorLake, at least when it’s working.. It seems the salt is having a detrimental affect on the electronics of the new sweeper which is hampering it’s ability to remain operational.. So you may see both the old backup and from time to time, at least when it’s operational, the new sweeping machine on the job.. Either way, thanks to the efforts of Lake Placid’s crew, the sidewalks have remained clear of snow and ice right down to the bricks..



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