Saranac Lake Winter Carnival Ice Palace Turns Green

The South Wall of the IcePalace in SaranacLake has turned green…  Or at least some of the tarps are green..  A one day thaw has prompted officials in charge of the Ice Palace Construction to cover the throne room and the rear wall of the building in an attempt to protect it from the elements, and while there have been palaces in the past which have been put down by the weather, This is the first time in the past 20 years at least that the structure has been covered like this..

AUDIO – 013013 – Ice Palace Turns Green – Updating Website

Obviously the palace will remain covered today with temperatures rising into the 50s, but by tomorrow morning the temperatures will be back below freezing so be sure to look for activity and with the warmer weather, they’ll need a lot of help to re-fit the blocks and make them safe for Friday’s Coronation and the Storming of the Ice Palace on Saturday..  The best way to get involved is to keep an eye out for activity, dress appropriately and stop by the site, there’s plenty of work to go around…

If you like to follow Winter Carnival Online, this is the last year you’ll see the current design online. That’s because SaranacLake’s Winter Carnival Committee have developed a plan to integrate and re-design the website to create an international Icon..  The Valley News’ Andy Flynn is the committee’s Director of Communications..  He says right now there’s a team of four who update the site from events applications, to the schedule and updates on what’s going on..

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Saranac Lake Winter Carnival

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