School Board Discusses Safety in North Country Schools

Not only is Safety on the minds of Parents, Teachers and Students in Newtown as School begins again for the students of Sandy Hook Elementary in the neighboring town ofMonroe. It’s also on the minds of School Boards across the North Country.  Julia Murray is a Student atSaranacLakeHigh School, She knows first hand what it’s like to live in a town like Newtown..

AUDIO – Safety for School Students

Superintendent Jerry Goldman says while they don’t want to reveal any weaknesses publicly, there are things each school can do..

The School Board’s Safety Committee includes Retired Judge Jan Plumadore, who has been assisting with security and invited Bob Seyor who is in charge of Security forNorthern New York’s Court System. School Board Member Miles Van Nortwick is also on the School Board’s Safety Committee – He says they’re also working with a security company called Front Runner Networks who has offered to provide a free presentation following a review of the facilities. While the board was reluctant to speak about specifics in public, Van Nortwick says Josh Marlow made an interesting statement at the Most Recent Safety Committee Meeting..

The Superintendent has been in regular meetings with security personnel, Students, Parents, the Safety Committee, and the School Board and those discussions, along with an action plan will no doubt become a regular part of the routine to protect students on all levels of education. Goldman continues by saying there are advantages to being neighborly..

The Administration is meeting regularly, in fact there’s a meeting of the minds today to continue revue of the issues and to identify and suggest solutions. Security Personnel will continue to tour and inspect the buildings and in fact in the just the last week consultants have been through the facilities along with another independent review by New York State Police and the combined efforts are specifically focused on assuring the safety  and well being of students in the region.

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