Lake Placid Emergency Room Will Stay Open For Now.

The Adirondack Health System’s Board of Directors met Thursday Evening and in deliberations that went well into the night, they were presented with a summary of public input from the two formal public community meetings as well as numerous other meetings held to discuss the implications of their proposed closure of the Emergency Department at AMC Lake Placid…   AMC has been selling the concept of converting the ER into an Immediate Care facility which would not fall under New York’s strict regulatory environment for Emergency Rooms, including the requirement to remain open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year…

Joe Riccio is Adirondack Health’s Director of Communications.. He’s attended the Joint Meeting between the North Elba Board, and the Lake Placid Village Board, along with many of the public meetings as well as the AMC Board Meeting and He tells WNBZ in an overnight email the AMC board reviewed all of the communications and public comment and “Upon review, the board has decided there is a need to factor in additional study, community input and give the process more thought”

Riccio continued in his email by saying the board’s decision needs to further review all of the dynamics of the issue while adhering to the context of the hospital’s broader mission and strategic plan.. The Board plans to finalize the discussion in the next 60 days..


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