Rabideau Adds Support for Lake Flower Ave Re-build

Saranac Lake Mayor Clyde Rabideau is reiterating the passionate commitment of the Board of Trustees to press the New York State Department (DOT) of Transportation for a quicker re-build of Lake Flower Avenue which is owned and maintained by the state.  “We are on it,” Mayor Rabideau said, “Getting the DOT to do the reconstruction of Lake Flower Avenue, including the sidewalks, remains a high priority for the Village and we can’t wait another 10 years for it to happen.”  Continued Rabideau, “And when DOT finally does the roads and sidewalks, the Village will be ready to do what it takes to update water and sewer infrastructure along Lake Flower as part of that project.”

The two sides spoke at today’s board meeting where Rabideau invited everyone in the village, including businesses along the gateway corridor, to join him and the Trustees in contacting state representatives and voicing support for an immediate re-build of the state highway.  The representatives include Senator Betty Little and Assemblyman Dan Stec.

Last August, the Village Board sent a strongly-worded resolution to the DOT and state representatives demanding the immediate re-build of Lake Flower Avenue as it was once again put on the backburner by the state DOT. Rabideau also said that he the trustees would like to see more timely maintenance of the highway including a more regular the clearing of accumulated winter sand from the roadsides.


When the state re-builds the highway, the village will simultaneously replace the water and sewer infrastructure underneath the roadway and assist the state in rebuilding the sidewalks. All of which requires a total re-engineering of water run-off grades due to decades of change to this stretch of Route 86.  If the village were to replace the sidewalks—at the estimated cost of over a million dollars right now—they would be torn up within a few years due to the re-engineering required of the highway and the underground waterline and sewer-line replacements. “The DOT has  us between a rock and hard place,” Rabideau Said. “So we need everyone to focus their attention on them with letters, calls and political advocacy to move them the right way.”

Mayor Rabideau also made clear other Village priorities for Lake Flower Avenue, including making the entryway to the Village more appealing to visitors.  “We have worked with local businesses to soon fly welcoming banners, and yes, they will be bilingual.  We are also reducing unsightly signage at the entryways to the Village, including Lake Flower Avenue.”  The Village also stepped in last year to stop an unsightly fence along Lake Flower, working with the landowner to find a solution that would not block views of Lake Flower from the road and neighboring businesses.The Village also continues to make the sale and development of the sand pit near Will Rogers a priority.

Last year, the Village recently installed a canoe launch near the tennis courts on Lake Flower to lure the many boaters to the southern section of the village and the Lake Flower Avenue area.  “We are committed to helping the businesses along Lake Flower, along with every other business in Saranac Lake, flourish,” Mayor Rabideau said, adding  “The Saranac Lake 6er weekend is one example of the Village’s 110% commitment to this goal.  We want to fill every room, every restaurant table, and have people flocking into our businesses – on Lake Flower Avenue, Main Street, Broadway and everywhere else in our Village.”

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