Tufano Misses Lake Placid Board by 13 votes

Lake Placid’s School Board has a new Board Member this morning..  Rick Preston received 333 votes total, And interestingly He’ll be taking over immediately for John Hopkinson who received the second highest total with 295 votes. Hopkinson will re-join the board again in July. It was a close vote for second.. Jennifer Tufano ended the evening just 13 votes behind Hopkinson with 282 votes..  The School’s Budget is also approved this morning… We spoke with Karen Angelopolis after the polling closed via cell phone about the Budget Vote Count; The Budget vote was 401 in favor and  88 against. The Wheelchair Bus Proposition 427 said yes and 61 said no. As for the State Aid Proposition for the Energy Contract – Voters were in Favor of allowing the school board to apply for an additional 10% in aid.. The final count 420 saying yes and 68 voting no..