Tupper Residents Reject Proposed School Budget

The numbers did not favor School Board President Dan Mansfield, Not only did the budget fail but Dan will also be replaced by Trish Anrig… The Tupper Lake School Budget needed a 60% margin of approval from voters because the proposal exceeded the tax cap. The spending increase in the $17 Million Dollar budget came to 7.65% and the tax levy would have been up by eight and a third percent….  685 voted against the budget, 512 voted in favor of the budget which means the school board will have to go back to the drawing board. Residents also put down the school request to purchase two new busses. Anrig received 652 votes Mansfield received 567 votes and incumbent Dawn Hughes was the highest vote getter with 735..  The School Board now must re-work the budget, hold another hearing and bring their proposal to the voters again in mid June.