Where’s the Focus on Businesses?

Sidewalk re-construction is clearly the focus of the State in Saranac Lake and Surrounding Communities as the DOT completes their work on various crosswalks to bring them all into compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act… It’s obvious to anyone walking in Downtown Saranac Lake, that The DPW  is focused on their work on Main Street Across from Adirondack Bank as there seems to be a lot of progress in just two days towards their goal of preparing the sidewalk from Compass Printing up to the Downhill Grill for the construction company to pour the new pads, in fact Starting May 13th Luck Brothers will begin preparing sidewalks for concrete as well as pouring sidewalks on the Main Street Section.

One focus that is serious lacking, however,  is the focus on business in the downtown. On Monday, the no parking signs went up across the street from the project, just outside of Adirondack Bank.. and on Tuesday, while workers were still upstream of the work which will eventually be done outside of Ampersound and the Adirondack Artists Guild, No parking signs were the only evidence that work was going to be done in that area.. needless to say, consumers are being discouraged from stopping in Downtown and it has a serious affect on Business.. You would think a business minded village board will build signs that say “Please Park Here, we want your business” but instead not a single car is allowed to park on that section of the street. This is the section where work has not begun. The lack of parking affects the overall mindset of consumers in the area and consequently, there are fewer cars parked on the other side of the street either.. Research proves that available on street parking is the key to a vital downtown. You can see this for yourself. Just walk down the hill at the corner of Broadway and Main.  It becomes extremely evident just down from Berkeley Green. Past Village Boards were outspoken about the beautiful new extra-wide sidewalk where on street parking used to be…  but now, no businesses occupy those two buildings.. Who cares if there’s a little congestion in town.. Ask business owners in Lake Placid, the longer Averyville Road remains closed, the more business for downtown..  On street parking should be the top priority of any municipality.. As an example, at about 5pm Tuesday someone finally decided to move the no parking signs and within 15 minutes, there were cars parked there and most likely activity in those businesses for the first time all day..

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