DOT & DEC Open Discussion of the Rail Corridor UMP

The Department of Transportation and the DEC are initiating a public process to review the Unit Management Plan and Environmental Impact Statement for the Remsen-Lake Placid Travel Corridor.  The 119-mile section of rail line that runs through the Adirondack Park will now become the topic of discussion as the UMP and the Environmental Impact Statement will be reviewed to assess the corridor’s natural and physical resources. The overall goal of the review will be to identify the best public and economic use.

DOT Commissioner Joan McDonald says “Based on public feedback, DOT will work with the DEC to review the Unit Management Plan for the region in order to engage local communities about the best future use of the Corridor,”

DEC Commissioner Joe Martens says, “Members of the public are very interested in the future use of the rail line and reviewing the UMP/EIS process will provide the public with the opportunity to weigh in on the use of the corridor.”

The public process will enable DOT and DEC to hear from residents, local officials, visitors and other stakeholders on their views of the current and future use of the Travel Corridor.”

The DOT, DEC and the Adirondack Park Agency developed the 1996 UMP/EIS with considerable public input.  The current effort to review the UMP will take into account issues that have developed over the past 20 years by providing an opportunity for all interests to be part of the process and comment on future transportation and recreation opportunities along the Travel Corridor.

The 119-mile long Remsen Lake Placid Travel Corridor is under the jurisdiction of DOT, and is managed pursuant to the current Travel Corridor Unit Management Plan. Approximately 100 miles of this Travel Corridor is located within the Adirondack Park. An additional 19 miles is located outside of the Park in the Tug Hill Region.

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