Lake Placid Emergency Room gets help from State Senate

AMC Lake Placid gets the nod from the State Senate to adjust hours of operation

A Bill allowing Adirondack Medical Center in Lake Placid to continue to operate it’s Emergency Room during the day while closing at night was approved late last night.. The Bill came to the Senate floor at about 9pm Thursday and passed 62 to 1 in favor..  This means that Adirondack Health’s Board now has a new option – to keep the emergency room open – but based on historical data, close during the overnight hours when the usage numbers can not justify remaining open… Historically in Lake Placid, the emergency room is visited by .2 persons per hour overnight – which represents about one person per night between midnight and 7am.. If the legislation makes it to the Governor’s office and is signed into law, AMC may be able to focus on the Saranac Lake facility during the overnight hours while continuing to keep the ER in Lake Placid open during the day..

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