Rabideau Supports Binding Arbitration Reform

Saranac Lake Mayor “Strongly” Behind Governor’s Binding Arbitration Reform Proposal

 Mayor Clyde Rabideau announced “strong and unequivocal support” for binding arbitration reform as recently proposed by Governor Andrew Cuomo.

 The measure would take into consideration a municipality’s ability to pay and its financial condition in the new era of the 2% tax cap when making binding arbitration awards with police and fire unions.

 Said Rabideau, “New York State’s economies are as diverse as our population, and so too are the challenges that face local government finances. In many cases those challenges have persisted for years, but Governor Cuomo’s Financial Restructuring Board and binding arbitration reforms mark a significant change in our trajectory. This legislation presents an exciting new opportunity for local governments looking to balance their finances and pursue their full potential for economic growth, and the legislature must act to make it law.”

Rabideau—a former President of the New York Conference of Mayors—has firsthand experience with binding arbitration in his earlier tenure as Mayor of the City of Plattsburgh, where, he says, “Binding arbitration cost our community dearly without even the least nod towards the condition of the taxpayer or the treasury.”

Rabideau commented further, “I thank the governor for once again coming to the aid of the local tax payer with a common sense solution and I urge our state legislators to ignore the special interest groups and side with Governor Cuomo, standing strong with the villages, cities and counties in our struggle for fiscal fairness.”

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