Website Re-Build Continues

A few days ago, I pressed the “Update” button to get all of the fabulous new features available in the latest version of the publishing technology and while it appears in the long run this will prove beneficial, it’s become more of a nuisance in the short term as every aspect of the main pages has to be completely re-built from scratch. While all of the information remains intact, the visual presentation and the location you are used to finding things on our site may have to change based on the integration of this new update of our database management and presentation software. We do like the accessibility and the ease of operation, but to build a simple headline based welcome page is a bit more complicated than saying what we want to have appear where.. Which means you’ll see things change for a few days while we re-design the look and feel of the opening page.. Next on the agenda – We’ll insert the search function so that you can find what you came for if it happens to be a specific story or K&J show. Either way, thanks for bearing with us and for the regular visitors to the site, we appreciate your patience while we re-build with the newest version of the software..

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