Career Schools Bipass State Requirements

The Comptrollers Office says Private career schools in New York are operating without licenses and more than half are ignoring reporting requirements on job placement and graduation rates. The report found hundreds of public complaints that have been unresolved, some for more than a decade, with little or no action.

New York State Comptroller Thomas Dinapoli says “There is alarmingly little oversight of private career schools in New York, leaving too many young adults vulnerable to false promises,” and he continues in a statement saying “Schools have been allowed to operate without a license for years and some investigations into complaints were left open for 10 years or more.”

According to Dinapoli, “The State Education Department has taken some steps to tighten oversight but too many students may be getting taken for a ride if more isn’t done soon.” The report examined the State Education Department’s oversight of 491 private career schools, 277 of which are in New York City… which serve 46,000 students. These schools, also known as proprietary schools, provide training in a broad range of disciplines focusing on career and job placement such as computer programming, cosmetology, business, real estate and plumbing. With certain exceptions, State law requires most non-degree granting private schools that charge tuition to be registered or licensed by the state.