Good Grades for Saranac Lake Busses

The Saranac Lake Central School District transports eleven hundred students per day to and from school and other destinations including 4 buildings on 3 different campuses, plus two other schools and BOCES..   The district receives a 30% subsidy from the state for transportation.. In some cases that subsidy can be as low as 7% or as high as 90% – Malone, for example has a much higher subsidy – close to 90% of their transportation is subsidized..  The School Board recently looked at the efficiency of their transportation system, and the current system received good marks when compared to others in the state..  The District’s cost per route vehicle is $421.00 per day during the 180 day school year.. According to the consulting group Transportation Advisory Services, That cost is not out of line with what they would expect to see for a district of this size.

The Report says Overall it appears that the District is providing a responsive, high quality student transportation service to the community…

In Saranac Lake, the cost per student annually is roughly $1,405 per student. The State Average excluding New York City is $1,141.00.. TAS says the difference is to be expected based on the location and size of the district..

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