Harietstown Sewer Pumping Station In Jeopardy

AUDIO – 080913 – Ampersand Bay Sewer Pump Station

The Village of Saranac Lake has a One Owner Water District on the Lower Lake but that property had 170 guests over the weekend which has put a strain on a local sewer pumping station..  Ampersand Bay Resort has become a very popular place for visitors and the resort’s  numbers are exceeding their own expectations and in order to accommodate the larger numbers, the pumping station there will be upgraded as quickly as possible… One pump has failed and if the second goes, the fines for spillage into the lake could run the Town as much as $10,000 per day..  An investment of $25,000 is required to upgrade the pumps, and those costs would normally be distributed among all of the users in the water district but in this case Ampersand Bay is the only property in the district and so the expense falls to the resort over the next two years..  The Town of Harrietstown plans to finalize re-payment arrangements but voted to make the repairs due to the risk of additional fines involved should the second sewer pump fail at the Ampersand Bay pumping station..

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