K&J – Lake Placid School Board .. Heads Back to School

Lake Placid School Superintendent Roger Catania updates us on the movement in common core testing scores and how those may be affected by regional differences in the state..

Roger Catania - 082013

 K&J – 082113 – Lake Placid School Superintendent Roger Catania on School Test Results

Back to school season is in full swing and that holds true for administrators and teachers.. In New York State.. The State Education Board will begin year number two with a focus on the common core standards…   New York was among a handful of states which implemented the common core testing and every year, Lake Placid Students in grades three through eight take the New York State Assessments in Math, and ELA..  Eighth Graders add a science component to the testing.. According to Lake Placid’s Interim Superintendent Roger Catania, the 2013 testing scores represent a dramatic change in the curriculum being tested, a significant change in the actual exam and the method for scoring students on these exams.. Student scores on the common core assessments will not be directly comparable to scores from previous years because those assessments are based on different, more rigorous standards and as such the numbers are trending significantly lower among students in the state of New York..  Regents exams, on the other hand, have not changed.. and during Tuesday Night’s regular meeting of the School Board, Catania pointed members to the Regents exams as an example… These exams can be divided into two different categories, one of which being the Required exams, where students in Lake Placid did well and were inline with expectations.

There were 60 graduates from Lake Placid High School last year,  23% were given and Advanced Regents Designation, and add another 10% to that score for those Lake Placid Students who finished with honors.. Many of those were honored at an awards banquet earlier this year which is the subject of a previous K&J show here on WNBZ…   And so on to college, 48% attending a 4 year college, 5% to the Military, and another 23% off to a two year institution..   The 2013 Elementary and Middle School Exam Numbers are posted on the State Ed Website but to pull out the numbers is actually a somewhat daunting task in itself..  During Tuesday’s Meeting, Catania says it would be unwise to compare these scores with any in the past because they’re completely different..

The Common Core may be lower across the state – but Locally in Lake Placid, the AP regents exams  show promise – and the AP courses give students the opportunity to prepare for college and in some cases receive college credit plus take advantage of the learning environment in the AP Setting..

The Lake Placid School Board welcomes a new administration and three new building principals including Brian Latella who took over this summer as Principal of the Elementary School, The New High School Principal is Dana Wood and Theresa Lindsay takes over in the Middle School…   During the presentation, it became apparent that in Lake Placid, it will be difficult to avoid the comparison between the new administration and the old administration. 

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