The Power of Local Word of Mouth!

Everyone will agree that positive personal referrals and recommendations are a powerful starting point for customers who are considering purchasing a new product or service from a company which may be unfamiliar. A good review from a trusted source is extremely important to your brand’s success. A poor recommendation, even  from a simple acquaintance, will travel faster than the speed of light in all of the wrong directions, which is why your reputation depends on Word of Mouth.

As consumers, we are all creatures of habit and clearly would rather purchase products and services from the people we trust. When we’re on vacation, for example, and we’re considering where to eat, where to shop, where to have some fun, or what types of activities are available, our first thought is to find someone who knows the answers, someone local, someone with the inside scoop, a special understanding of the region. Consider how many times you’ve run into someone visiting this region who asks you where to go for dinner, or where to stay for the ultimate Adirondack experience. On the flip side, imagine for a moment your entire family is coming to the Adirondacks for vacation, or a friend and his family will be staying for two weeks in September. How will you decide where they will stay? Consider your recommendation. Do you think of two choices? Three choices? Will you suggest an idea you’re not familiar with? Probably not, but you’ll definitely propose the  ideas that are most familiar to you, recommend the establishments you’re most comfortable with.

Imagine yourself asking someone you consider informed and knowledgeable about a choice you’ve made.  What if they’ve had a bad experience with your choice? How do you control the negative and strengthen the positive? What if they don’t even have your business on their list? All of us rely on the goodwill of our neighbors to help us strengthen awareness and grow our businesses.

66% of consumers between age 47 and 65 rely on Friends, Family and Colleagues to help with decisions!

Radio-Multiplies-Word-of-Mouth-02A Kelton Research project from 2012 says 66% (Two Thirds) of adults between 47 and 65 rely on information or recommendations from friends, family or colleagues. 49% of young adults 18-34 rely on information or recommendations from friends, family or colleagues.

As local consumers, we become connected to brands, sometimes as customers, and sometimes we simply absorb the opinions of others, our friends, our family, or our colleagues.  Visitors will look to us for our advice which then gives us an opportunity to influence the choices others are making, and we pass along our connections to the brands we are most comfortable and familiar with.

These days we use all sorts of different forms of communication to reach out to the people we believe have answers. Whether through Facebook, Twitter, Email, Travel Websites, Social Media, those who are making recommendations or passing along negative attitudes towards your business are influenced by each other and those around them.

Whether you’re looking to strengthen your image, more effectively control what people are saying about you, or to weaken negative attitudes there are several strategies one can employ to successfully get people talking positively about your brands.

When one is attempting to connect with visitors, there are several key points to consider;

A) Local residents have significant influence on your success. A local resident may never have experienced your services first hand but could, by association, recommend your establishment based on the opinions of others they are familiar and comfortable with.

B) Local Residents can only be supporters and point consumers in your direction if  they know who you are.big_mouth1Residents will have a dramatic affect on the decisions of others simply based on their knowledge of available choices. If they don’t know enough about you, they won’t be able to recommend your products or services.

C) “Brand Loyal” customers will always need reassurance – whether from local residents or otherwise, that they are making good decisions about your products and services. Think in terms of presenting your successes, bragging about your awards, acknowledging your weaknesses, and reinforcing relationships with your customers, their friends and with residents who will pass those success stories on to others.

D) It never hurts to ask – Always remember that bad news travels much faster than good news. Be sure to tell everyone about your success, because the more you provide people with positive talking points, the more you will begin to hear those points in regular conversation. Ask your customers to pass the word if they’ve had a good experience. Ask your customers to tell you first if they’ve had a bad experience.

E) Broadcast your success stories! Social media can help get the word out, Radio will multiply the positive word of mouth. With these two strategies, you control the message.

F) Specific residents who have regular direct contact and influence on consumers can also be a powerful source of referrals. Broadcasting your success stories will influence their suggestions, bring your establishment to the top of their mind. Specifically asking this elite group for recommendations is a strategy all in itself. Depending on your service, the elite group may be different from another’s elite group. Which restaurant does the local hotel desk clerk recommend?  Where do Presidents and CEOs send recruits?  Where does the local chamber recommend visitors investigate?



We understand how to grow positive Word of Mouth.

After all, Radio is “Word of Mouth” Multiplied by Thousands;

  • Don’t be fooled by cheap imitations! Radio is the real deal;

  • Radio provides a consistent positive message;

  • Radio’s Strength is Brand Building;

  • Radio multiplies positive Word of Mouth by thousands;

  • Radio boosts brand recall;

  • Radio boosts brand preference;

  • Frequency strengthens “Top of Mind Awareness”;

  • Radio can increase your competitive market share;

  • Radio helps drive customers to your brand or establishment;

  • Radio can remind consumers to fight procrastination;

  • Radio is in mobile devices / we’re close to the decision maker;

  • Radio is one on one! – We’re familiar, We’re trusted partners, We’re friends;

  • Radio makes ads that are more personally relevant to consumers;

  • Radio lab says Host endorsements typically drive a 400% increase in response!

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