Bulger Defense Costs Exceed $2.6 Million

BOSTON (CBS) – It looks like taxpayers are on the hook for close to $3 million for the cost of James “Whitey” Bulger’s defense in his racketeering trial.
Read: Bulger Defense Costs Court Document (.pdf)
A court document shows Bulger’s attorneys J.W. Carney and Hank Brennan have billed the court for more than $2.4 million in attorney fees dating back to 2011. A majority of that money, $2.1 million, went to Carney.
The document notes that neither attorney has submitted vouchers for services rendered during the months of July and August.
In addition, vouchers for paralegal services, investigative services, transcript costs and other services totaled an additional $246,000.
A judge granted Bulger a taxpayer-funded attorney despite at least $800,000 in frozen assets recovered from Whitey Bulger’s apartment.
That judge decided Bulger met the criteria to receive a court-appointed attorney. Prosecutors argued ahead of the trial that Bulger has millions of dollars stashed around the world, and has no problem affording his defense.
Under the law, the court could have chosen to limit each attorney to a $9,700 paycheck for the entire trial.

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Source: CBS local Boston


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