Cuomo scuttles pay raise panel bill


Gov. Andrew Cuomo vetoed legislation Friday that would have created a commission to set regular salary increases for non-union state workers.

Regular raises for the state’s approximately 9,200 “management/confidential” employees ended after the 2008 financial crisis, although some received longevity increases or bonuses.

Cuomo’s veto statement said that any structural changes to pay raises should be done within the context of the state budget.

While some “m/c” workers are political appointees, many have been promoted into management positions. Others work as secretaries but are classified as “confidential” because they have access to employee records. Pay for m/c employees varies widely depending on the post and profession.

The concept of a pay commission isn’t new. Lawmakers and the governor set up a seven-member panel to determine appropriate periodic increases in pay after judges went without raises for more than a decade. Two years ago, the panel recommended a 27 percent increase over seven years.

In 2011, unionized members of the state’s two largest public-employee unions, the Civil Service Employees Association and the Public Employees Federation, accepted austerity contracts including three years without broad-based raises.

The news was released Friday night amid a flurry of bill signings and vetoes, including Cuomo’s rejection of measures that would have ………..

Source: Cuomo scuttles pay raise panel bill

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