Giants DB Amukamara Cleared To Play On Sunday Vs. Broncos

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. (AP) — When New York Giants cornerback Prince Amukamara was involved in a violent collision with teammate Ryan Mundy in the loss to Dallas Sunday night, it wasn’t the first time he suffered a concussion.

“I was about 10 years old and I ran into a basketball pole,” Amukamara said. “That time, I was only out for about 20 seconds. This time, I saw the lights and everything. It was a great hit. It took both of us out.

“But it was OK, because it was just an accident.”

Amukamara received clearance to return to practice Friday and should start Sunday’s game against the Broncos (1-0). That’ll be a big boost to the Giants (0-1), as they try to contain Denver quarterback Peyton Manning.

Amukamara had to endure the NFL’s strict testing program for players who suffer concussions, so he was unable to practice most of the week.

“I had to name the months of the year and the last three presidents,” Amukamara said. “My memory was pretty good.”

But the Giants are hoping to erase theirs, after the loss to Dallas on Sunday night. Of course, having Amukamara on the field will help.

“There wasn’t a doubt in my mind,” Amukamara said. “Just in the doctors’ minds. I thought I was going to play until I was considered out. I got all the mental reps. I was always studying and preparing like I was going to be out there. I was optimistic. Everyone was optimistic.

“I’m glad I stayed that way.”

Amukamara, the Giants’ first-round draft pick out of Nebraska in 2011, started 11 games last season at corner, and is a key cog to what is a short-handed group. Starting free safety Stevie …read more

Source: CBS local New York


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