Gillibrand plans a new push for tax

Washington, D.C.

New York Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand plans to revive a push for a 0.2 percent tax on employees and employers that would allow expanded family leave options for workers to take time off and still collect part of their salaries.

“The face of the American workforce has changed significantly,” Gillibrand, a Democrat, said on Friday at a panel discussion with labor and corporate leaders.

She said she would introduce the family leave legislation next week as part of a five-point package designed to help women workers achieve a large role in the economy.

“We need women to succeed at work for our families and our economy to thrive,” she said.

Much of the package included ideas that have been debated for some time, including some that have been pushed by women’s organizations and labor unions.

Her package also calls for universal pre-kindergarten; an equal-pay-for-women law; a phased-in $10.10 minimum wage; and higher child care tax credits as well as a deduction.

The expanded leave proposal echoes a plan that was introduced in 2007 by former Sen. Chris Dodd, a Connecticut Democrat.

Under Gillibrand’s version, which she said would cost the average worker the equivalent of “one tall latte” per week, money would go into a trust ………..

Source: Gillibrand plans a new push for tax

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