Green Lantern: The ‘Good Hands Team’ The Jets’ Receivers Are Not

By Jeff Capellini,
Anybody feel like catching the ball? How about tucking it away? Anybody?
The Jets’ wide receivers are doing an already struggling rookie quarterback no favors. While it’s true Geno Smith made a lot of dumb decisions and would not have won many target shooting contests during Thursday night’s extremely winnable loss up in New England, his comrades out wide and in the slot did very little to boost the confidence of the guy occupying the most important position on the field.
In fact, the wideouts set NFL receiving back about 50 years.
Please don’t use the weather as an excuse. The nightmare that was the 13-10 loss to the Patriots wasn’t just about slippery conditions. Before a single drop of rain fell there were some guys out there masquerading as professional football players. Blame general manager John Idzik if you want for supplying a suspect at best quarterback situation with inadequate weapons, but at the end of the day the lack of concentration by the individuals involved showed that this season may be more about development at all the skill positions than under center.
That’s because we at least know Smith has ability.
I didn’t understand the concept of keeping Clyde Gates over Braylon Edwards back then and I certainly don’t understand it now. I read rationale’s that ranged from Gates’ blinding speed to his athleticism to his kick and punt return prowess as the reasoning for keeping him over Edwards.
Those reasons were as ridiculous then as they are now.
Gates dropped one pass in the end zone and another later in the first half that should have ended with the Jets getting 14 points. Those miscues changed everything and set the tone for what was to come.
The first drop toward the end of the first quarter ruined what up to that point …read more

Source: CBS local New York


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