I-Team: Jewish Students Claim Discrimination By Northeastern Professors

BOSTON (CBS) – The I-Team has learned a major Jewish group is now calling for an investigation into the teaching practices at one of Boston’s top universities.

The Anti-Defamation League recently sent a letter to Northeastern’s president, Joseph Aoun, urging him to investigate charges by Jewish students of what they perceive to be “an atmosphere of intimidation of those who are supportive of Israel, or an official indulgence of anti-Semitism.”

The Northeastern campus is bustling with activity with the start of a new academic year, but the I-Team found some Jewish students there are starting school with serious concerns.

“I just felt very ostracized in the class by the professor,” said one female Northeastern student who asked that her identity be hidden.

She said last year one of her professors in the school’s International Affairs Department gave a lecture praising the Palestinian group Hamas, then she wrote a paper arguing Hamas was not a legitimate organization.

“I cited reasons as indisputable as the U.S. considers them a terrorist organization,” the student said. “He wanted me to rewrite my paper because he did not see how I could logically have come to that conclusion.”

The student was troubled by the professor’s response. “I am still entitled to that opinion and he shouldn’t have to force his views upon me,” she said.

Another Jewish student who spoke to the I-Team also insisted on anonymity. “I’ve been here for almost four years now and I’ve gradually seen an increase of hostility against Israel and against just Jewish students,” he said. “It’s very anti-Israel and because it is so anti-Israel, it leads to feelings of anti-Semitism.”

Charles Jacobs is the president of Americans for Peace and Tolerance, a Jewish advocacy group that has accused certain Northeaster professors of having a …read more

Source: CBS local Boston


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