K&J – Connecting Youth and Communities During Kiwanis Radio Week

The Lake Placid, Wilmington Connecting Youth and Communities Coalition is once again a primary supporter of the Kiwanis Club of Lake Placid and President Mary Deitrich says that’s because the CYC and Kiwanis both have similar goals for children in the community.

A Few Excerpts from www.ConnectingYouth.com;

The Lake Placid-Wilmington Connecting Youth and Communities Coalition is a family, a neighborhood and a group of friends who care about building and sustaining a vibrant community that encourages healthy decisions.

Growing up is risky business. That’s why, as a parent, you’re always working to keep your child safe from danger. From their first baby steps to the first car keys, you are there for them—teaching life skills and setting limits so your son or daughter will succeed and thrive.

Parenting gets more challenging when kids reach adolescence. Teens naturally push their limits, test boundaries, and make choices that baffle and worry parents. They begin to look more mature and grown-up, so it’s easy to be fooled into thinking that they will behave like adults. But they don’t, especially when it comes to alcohol.

K&J – 091913 – RE-AIR Mary Deitrich on LPWCYC during Kiwanis Radio Week

Of all the dangers your teen faces, underage drinking is among the worst. Whether teens are experimenting with beer, wine, or other liquor, alcohol presents a serious—and potentially deadly—threat. Compared with non-drinking classmates, teens who drink are more likely to:

  • Die in a car crash
  • Get pregnant
  • Flunk school
  • Be sexually assaulted
  • Become an alcoholic later in life
  • Take their own life through suicide
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The CYC is offering free 20 minute workshops for parents that can help you find the resources to support your teen in making healthy decisions. All participants receive a free booklet to take home. To schedule yours, contact:
Tina Clark
Lake Placid-Wilmington CYC Coalition Coordinator
P.O. Box 494
Lake Placid, NY  12946
518.523.2474 ext. 4008

Carol Hayes
Lake Placid-Wilmington CYC Development Director
Kiwanis Radio Week

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