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Sunday Science: 9/29/13

In this week’s Sunday Science, we’re talking about whales’ earwax, antibacterial soaps, and why poker players may want to watch arms instead of faces. ……….. Source: Sunday Science: 9/29/13

Riding to inspire

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A group of Vermonters are pedaling from Vermont’s northern border to its Southern… Without the use of their feet. ……….. Source: Riding to inspire

Gillibrand plans a new push for tax

Washington, D.C. New York Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand plans to revive a push for a 0.2 percent tax on employees and employers that would allow expanded family leave options for workers to take time off and still collect part of their salaries. “The face of the American workforce has changed significantly,” Gillibrand, a Democrat, said on…

Cuomo scuttles pay raise panel bill

Albany Gov. Andrew Cuomo vetoed legislation Friday that would have created a commission to set regular salary increases for non-union state workers. Regular raises for the state’s approximately 9,200 “management/confidential” employees ended after the 2008 financial crisis, although some received longevity increases or bonuses. Cuomo’s veto statement said that any structural changes to pay raises…

Are holiday shoppers ready to spend?

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It’s hard to believe, but it’s almost holiday shopping season. Black Friday– one of the biggest shopping days of the year– is two months away. Gina Bullard looked into whether the economic recovery will impact spending this year. ……….. Source: Are holiday shoppers ready to spend?