Patriots Should Not Give Terrell Owens A Chance, Despite Receiver’s Desperate Plea

BOSTON (CBS) — The Patriots, as they are currently constituted, may not have quite the offensive firepower necessary to contend for a Super Bowl. The wide receiving corps is either too young (Aaron Dobson, Kenbrell Thompkins, Josh Boyce) or too injured (Danny Amendola), and the uncertain status of Rob Gronkowski at tight end has a number of people calling for the Patriots to seek outside help before it’s too late.

One such case can be found in The Boston Globe on Wednesday morning, in the Gary Washburn column titled, “Patriots should give Terrell Owens at least a look.”

The rebuttal to this argument is simple: The Patriots should not give Terrell Owens anything, specifically with regard to playing football in the NFL.

That’s all that needs to be said, but for the sake of argument, we’ll dive a little deeper.

The column argues that it’s “perplexing” that Owens’ phone has not rung, particularly because of the Patriots’ dire straits at receiver.

“Owens does deserve another chance,” the column says, “and the Patriots, whose best receiver, Danny Amendola, has played one 16-game season in his first four years and could miss several more weeks this season, at least should give Owens a look.”

No. No. No!

OK, that’s not a nuanced reply, so here goes.

Terrell Owens was once the best wide receiver in football. His work on the field merits serious Hall of Fame consideration, as he’s second all time in receiving yards behind only Jerry Rice, third all time in touchdowns and sixth all time in receptions. From 1998-2008, he was the best.

But 2008 was a long time ago, and along the way, a lot of teams had to put up with a lot of nonsense from Owens in order to get that production. His off-the-field shenanigans need not be re-hashed here, but when Owens …read more

Source: CBS local Boston


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