Socci: Fullback James Develin Looks To Help Any Way He Can

BOSTON (CBS) – After being released by the Cincinnati Bengals for the second time in as many years, James Develin encountered more a fork than crossroads in his career.

He had an Ivy League education and could have easily – and understandably — abandoned the path that had taken him from near oblivion as a minor leaguer to obscurity as a practice squad journeyman. Surely, his Brown University degree in engineering could guarantee less violent and even more lucrative ways to make a living.

Develin, though, was determined to keep churning as a fullback in the making. So at the start of last September, he was really left with just one choice: join Tampa Bay’s so-called taxi squad or sign on to New England’s. He opted for the latter.

Twelve months later, Develin prepares to face the Buccaneers as not just a Patriot, but one who started the season’s first two games. If that reality alone isn’t remarkable enough, consider how this September began.

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Develin was on New England’s original 53-man roster, made official on Saturday, Aug. 31. By the following Tuesday, less than a week before the opener at Buffalo, he was out of work again. Develin was cut to clear room for tight end Matthew Mulligan.

“I went back to (New) Jersey and got in the weight room and continued to train, because I didn’t know what was going to happen,” said Develin, who hails from the Philadelphia area. “I just wanted to be ready.”

He had hardly enough time to count reps, much less sets. As soon as Friday, Develin was officially back in the Patriots’ fold. And on the Sunday after going from released to re-signed, he was on the field for 31 plays, offensive and special …read more

Source: CBS local Boston


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