Stars Dylan McDermott, Toni Collette Talk ‘Hostages’

NEW YORK (WLNY) – A brand new thriller is making its big debut Monday night on CBS.

Katie McGee sat down with the stars of “Hostages” to get the inside scoop on the show that will have you on the edge of your seat.

The series stars Dylan McDermott as rogue FBI Agent Duncan Carlisle whose team is holding prominent Dr. Ellen Sanders, played by Toni Collette, and her family captive.

The 15-episode drama follows two action-packed weeks of the characters’ lives.

“It’s so exciting and the unexpected will continue to surprise you,” Collette said.

“There’s a lot that happens in these two weeks,” McDermott said. “It unravels quickly and a lot of bad stuff goes down.”

The show is set in Washington, D.C. but is actually shot all around New York, including Brooklyn, Westchester and Long Island.

It premieres at 10 p.m. Monday on CBS.

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Source: Stars Dylan McDermott, Toni Collette Talk ‘Hostages’

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