Typical Temperatures Ahead


After some massive moves in temperatures this week, more typical temperatures are coming in the week ahead. In Boston, this past Wednesday was the second hottest day of the entire summer but the 97 degrees did not beat the record for 9-11 which is an astounding 99 set in 1983! For 2013, it was surpassed only by the new record of 99 on July 19! The yearly record number of days at 90 degrees or higher is 30 set in 1983 and more recently in 2010, there were 25 days! The total number of days at 90 or higher for the city this year is 18 which is 4 higher than the average of 14. The odds for any more days at 90 this year are slim to none and the upcoming pattern does not favor any burst of sizzling heat for the rest of this month. In the past 140 years, there have been only three October days at 90 in Boston. Specifically, there was a record high 90 on October 1, 1881 followed by a record high 90 on October 7, 1963 and the latest hottest day was the record high 90 on October 12, 1954.

The average high temperatures over the next week decrease from 73 down to 70 and I am predicting upcoming max readings during that period mainly in the range of the upper 60s to middle 70s. Diurnally, however, the changes will be significant because a couple of zones of high pressure will emerge from Canada and enable some good radiational cooling nights especially tonight, Monday night and Tuesday night. Daybreak mins tomorrow, Tuesday and Wednesday will be in the 40s except in the larger urban centers where it will be a bit milder in the range of 50-55. Corresponding high temperatures for …read more

Source: CBS local Boston


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