Week 3 NFL Picks: Peyton’s Broncos Ready To Roll Once More, But Can Seahawks Cover Historic Spread Vs. Jaguars?

BOSTON (CBS) — There’s really no formula for doing this. Not in the NFL.

In past years, when trying to make assessments in Week 2 of the season, I always felt it was important to not put too much stock in what had happened in Week 1. It was only one week, and whatever happened in that 60 minutes of football shouldn’t completely warp your perspective on that team.

But was that the right approach? Results have always been mixed (I’ve gone 33-28-3 in the past four Week 2′s), so this year I decided to lend a little more faith in my own takeaways from Week 1. Forget my offseason thoughts and impressions of a team. As Bill Parcells would probably say if he wrote a picks column, you are what you are. So I went with that.

And the results? You betcha, they were mixed.

The Patriots stunk to high heaven in Week 1, and they were even worse in Week 2. Easy pick. Same goes for the Redskins, who have themselves an immobile quarterback in an offense built on a mobile quarterback. The Jaguars made a strong case for being the worst team in the NFL in Week 1, and they followed it up with a worthy follow-up in Week 2.

Meanwhile, the Eagles were crowned Super Bowl champs after Week 1, and then they lost to the Chargers, who looked like losers in Week 1. The Seahawks, who struggled to get past the lowly Panthers in the opening week, truly looked like a championship team this time around.

So I liked a little when I said results were “mixed,” as they were actually a little more slanted against me. It wasn’t the type of showing I wanted after vowing to be better than mediocre (I have low standards), but I’m re-committed this week. …read more

Source: CBS local Boston


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