1982 Residency Law Causing Problems for Village of Lake Placid

If your neighbor lives two hundred feet away from you but lives outside of the village line.. Should that disqualify your neighbor from being employed by the village?  That’s the focus of a 1982 law drafted by the Village Board in Lake Placid which Mayor Randall says specifically restricts the ability of the village to do business.. The Mayor says Trustee Scott Monroe was able to put together a proposal that would attempt to address the problems that the village faces including a local law that might allow for some leeway in the old law.

As it turns out, roughly 65% of village employees which have been hired since 1982 are not residents of the village..   Village Attorney Janet Bliss says the simplest solution would be to create a local law repealing the 1982 law, mostly because state laws apply to public appointments and many of the negotiated contracts are specific to union employees and already include residency requirements.  The Biggest problem for the board, according to the Mayor, is that they’ve posted job openings but aren’t seeing the number of applications because the old 1982 law is creating confusion among applicants as to whether or not they’re allowed to even apply..

AUDIO – 100813 – Lake Placid 1982 Employee Residency Law

The board agreed to have their attorney draft the appropriate language to repeal the law and to schedule a public hearing on the matter. Until the law is formally repealed.. Technically, only 35% of the employees in the Village of Lake Placid are legally employed..

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