Adirondack Council “State of the Park” to be Released Wednesday

The Adirondack Council says it will release its 2013 State of the Park Report this Wednesday.  State of the Park is a 20-page, illustrated review of more than 100 actions taken by local, state and federal government officials, briefly explaining what they did to help or hurt the ecology and economy of the Adirondack Park over the past 12 months.  The non-partisan account has been published each October since 1986 as a report card intended to hold government officials accountable. The Adirondack Council is an independent, privately funded, not-for-profit organization that accepts no public money or taxpayer funded donations of any kind.  The Council’s mission is to ensure the ecological integrity and wild character of the Adirondack Park.  The Council envisions an Adirondack Park comprised of large, core Wilderness areas, surrounded by working forests and farms and vibrant local communities.  The Adirondack Council carries out its mission through research, education, advocacy and legal action.  Council members live in all 50 United States. “Using science, we educate the public and policymakers; advocate for regulations, policies and funding to benefit the Park’s environment and communities,” Said Communications Director John Sheehan,”The Adirondack Council monitors proposals, legislation and policies impacting the Park; and, when necessary take legal action to uphold constitutional protections and agency policies established to protect the Adirondack Park.”

The Adirondack Council has urged the governor to protect the magnificent Hudson River Gorge Primitive Area, above, along with the newly acquired Essex Chain of Lakes, OK Slip Falls and Indian River tracts (former Finch Pruyn & co. lands) and create a new Wilderness Area.  Photo is by Carl Heilman II/Wild Visions, Inc.

For a sample of what the report is like, here’s a link to last year’s, State of the Park Report 2012: