K&J – Cape Air Considers Flight to White Plains

Representatives from Cape Air met with The Harrietstown Board Wednesday afternoon at the Adirondack Regiona lAirport. Andrew Bonney is Vice President of Planning for Cape Air which has been providing Essential Air Service for 6 years in Saranac Lake. He says the relationship has been a good one and they’re planning on re-submitting the RFP by the October 30th deadline and will work with the local community to modify the proposal to suit those needs. Bonney flew up from Hyannis with Marketing Director Jacqueline Donohoo, and their pilot Greg Jorgensen.. and they were met by local Station Manager Joanne Zayas..  During their presentation, Bonney said Cape Air is interested in converting their 4th unsubsidized summer flight to Boston, into a flight to White Plains New York..

Airport Runway

The trip to White Plains would take away the fourth flight to Boston in the summer, which means all of those flights would be full.. In addition, It could take away some income from the airport.. Corey Hurwich is the Airport’s Manager, He says the White Plains trip could cut into General Aviation income for the airport. Bonney responded by saying there may be a fuel sale or two lost but the net – net at the end of the season will be more visitors from new York spending money in the region..  In that vain, The airport receives most of it’s funding from the Town of Harrietstown while many of the travelers will end up spending money in locations outside of the town…  Needless to say, this was a planning meeting, and Cape Air hopes to make 2014 a test case for the trip to White Plains.. If all goes well, they would consider adding a 4th flight again to Boston in 2015 and perhaps extending the flights to White Plains through the fall and winter..  On Tuesday, we had an opportunity to spend time with Corey on the airport grounds and he gave us a tour of the airfield itself..K&J – 100313 – Cape Air Considers White Plains and an Airfield Tour with Corey Hurwich

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